Chainmail flogger


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Product Overview

Experience the perfect blend of elegance and power with our Chainmail Flogger, designed for sensation play and mind games. These floggers feature meticulously crafted falls made from aircraft-grade aluminum rings, delivering a unique and versatile impact. Choose between lighter chainmail tips for a gentler touch or optional 1-inch stainless steel rings at the ends for that extra "umph" in your play.

The 3ft Chainmail Flogger provides a surprisingly thuddy sensation with the ability to deliver a satisfying sting when swung harder. Available in the natural color of chainmail, this flogger is an essential addition to any collection or toy bag.

As with all our products, these chainmail floggers connect seamlessly to any of our patented self-correcting handles, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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