Handled By A Pro


Calling all PROFESSIONAL Domina, Goddesses, and Mistresses.  I am introducing the Handled By A Pro initiative.

What it is

I would like to send you a handle (a $60 value) for free.  We will set up a special coupon code just for your clients.  Your clients can purchase the impact attachment that you would like to use on them at 10% off of retail prices.  In addition to the savings, 10% of the retail price will also go to you as tribute. Your handle will attach to any implement that we make and when you are done with them, your client can take their head home and care for it.  

Benefits for you

  1. You receive tribute every time one of your clients makes a purchase and uses your coupon code.

  2. You get to play with a plethora of new toys with no cost to you.

  3. You do not have to store extra toys. (If the client cannot take it with them, charge them storage for it!)

  4. You do not have to clean and maintain the toys that you use.

  5. Your clients have a keepsake to take home and remind them of their session with you.

  6. We will list you on our website as a professional user of our line.  (This program is just starting. Web page to follow).

As always, if your client can not find what they are looking for on our website, all they have to do is contact me.  We love building custom orders.

Who Can Participate

This program is restricted to Professional Lifestyle Players.  Some kind of verification will be required before an individual coupon code is set up and a handle will be shipped out.  Contact me for verification requirements.


Want to sell our products directly?

If you would like to carry and sell our products at your dungeon or store, contact me about setting up a wholesale account.  We work with several stores across the country.


If you have questions or are ready to join the Handled by a Pro initiative, contact us at E@uniquekink.com 


Thank you for your interest.


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