3ft Deer Dragontail


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16.00 Ounces
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Product Overview

Introducing our exquisite 3ft Dragontail Whip, crafted from premium Mule Deer leather, renowned for its unique texture and exceptional durability. This isn't just any deer leather—Mule Deer leather offers a supple yet resilient feel, making it perfect for creating a whip that delivers a distinct and unforgettable impact.

Available in a variety of stunning colors, this Dragontail Whip is designed to be a standout addition to any collection or toy bag. Its perfect length and superior craftsmanship ensure an impressive performance, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Elevate your experience with the unparalleled quality and beauty of our Mule Deer Leather Dragontail. "When you want the best, you get the best."

Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee for all "normal use" applications. That means don't leave it in the pool, light it on fire or give it to the dog for a chew toy. All normal use issues can be repaired or replaced with our industry leading personalized customer service. If you do not Love your product for Any reason, we can replace or rebuild it until you do.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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