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I didn't reinvent the wheel, just the flogger! We are so Unique we have a Patent on our gear! We have modernized the experience through science of handles and art of Leather. We love what we do, I expect you will as well.

Our main product design is focused around reducing the size, weight and cost of your play bag while increasing quality, function, versatility and pleasure of using our custom line of toys. We accomplish this by separating the handles and heads into two individual pieces which Quick Click© to all of the other handles and heads in our Quick Head© line of toys. Each Quick Head© handle has a built in swivel function with a firm hand grip even in sweaty conditions. Only one handle is needed for all types of heads! This versatility is only available with Quick Head© from UniqueKink.com. By adding additional heads, or handles, to your existing collection of Unique Kink Toys, you multiply the options available for play style. You may learn to do things you didn’t previously know were possible!

Hello, I am Edward “E” Knottingham. I have been crafting toys for over a decade and started a crafting social group in 2012. The best way to learn is to teach! In my years of trial and error, I have brought modern elements and traditional feel into a fusion like no other. In late 2016 I finally perfected my art and applied for a patent. I finally have products I am willing to put my reputation on in the mass market.

YOU WILL LOVE what we do! Why? Because I will Repair, Rebuild or Replace your UniqueKink Purchase until you do. This is my Guarantee and I include my Personal Cell Phone Number with Every Purchase. If you do not Love your UniqueKink toy, call me and I will make it right. Shipping charges may apply, depending on the situation, but there is No Restocking Fee.

Why Choose Uniquekink ?

P.S. All of our Leather Quick Head© line is hand crafted right here in the USA by experienced crafters who I trained and pay to do this work. Due to physical limitations, I design and instruct but rarely personally build product myself anymore. If you want a Master Work, a Signature Piece hand built by “E” himself, you will need to contact me directly and request this. That said, all of our products are up to my standards or I would not let them leave the shop.


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